Mailto links in Firefox

I’ve had this problem for a long while but it rarely effects me so I forgot about it. This has covered many different reinstalls of windows with many version of firefox:

When I click a mailto: link from within Firefox an Internet Explorer dialog box pops up saying “Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed.”

What happens after I click that is loads of IE windows load and it keeps loading more until I close it. This is only possible with all task bar items grouped and using the close all window options. It loads a new process for each new window so ending the processes would be nearly impossible.

The page title for each IE window is “Navigation cancelled” but I’m unable to see the address bar or anything on the page to get more information.

Windows Default Programs has MAILTO set to eMclient and eMclient settings say that it is the default mail handler.

Between Firefox and eMclient why is IE getting involved?

Windows 7 x64 SP1
Firefox 26.0 (also happens with versions as far back as 20 IIRC)
eMclient 5.0.19406.0

IE is involved because eM Client uses its core to render emails, use printers, create previews and more windows -already can do - stuff.

Try to updating IE to latest version and it should help to resolve your issue. And try in Windows’s “Run command” (win key + r) write “matilto: [email protected]” if it will open eM Client’s new email dialogue.


I’m running IE 11.0.9600.16476

Trying it by the windows run command does exactly the same thing.

It’s happened since I can remember to be honest. I reinstall windows fairly regularly, probably at least every couple of months and it’s always done it.

I keep all my software up to date including Windows and eMClient.

If you’d like a video demonstration of it happening I’d be happy to upload it to youtube and either send you an email link or post the link here.

Sorry I haven’t brought it to your attention before but I have a number of other programs that I report bugs for and as you know there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is.

I can live with it but something is definitely not right somewhere, either with Windows 7 or emclient. No one else seems to have a problem so I don’t want to make a big deal.

Same problem here. I have install Windows 7 and all Software new and now I have these problem.

The problem is available only between Firefox and eMClient. I have for testing install Chrome, there is working normaly.

Thanks for taking the time to add to this thread. I hope Jan can find out what’s going on.

can you try IE for this? eM Client is using IE core to handle emails so if it will work in IE then issue lies in FireFox.


I just tried it in IE 11.0.9600.16476 (update versions 11.0.2) and it does it in that too.

Screen recording of error :

The same effect by me. Im use now Chrome and there it works good. I mean, it is a Firefox problem, Im trying older builds of Firefox with the same effect.

It’s not a firefox problem because IE does it too. It’s an IE problem. I don’t understand why Chrome isn’t doing it though. That makes no sense at all given what Jan has said.

It does not :confused: I have tried this on 3 computer I have stable access to and it works good everywhere in all three mentioned browsers plus opera and safari…

do you have any other software which is causing this?


I’ll try installing emclient into a fresh vmware windows 7 installation and see if it still does it.

Hmmm my link to a youtube video of it happening seems to have disappeared. Maybe Getsatisfaction doesn’t allow links and it was removed?

no youtube links are here, but are you talking about your previous video or you tried to post completely new?


I have the exact same issue: Windows key+R (Run) -> mailto:[email protected] will just keep opening tons of empty IE windows until my PC cannot handle anymore.

Yet, I made sure eM Client is configured correctly in “Set Default programs” in Control Panel (see attached screenshots).

eM Client 6.0.19714.0 (Latest)
Windows 7

Could you try to update to latest version… and also update your IE to latest version with resetting it to default settings?


I have install my Notebook with new Windows 7 / 64 bit, all driver and than eMClient 6.0.19872.0 and Firefox 26.0. The IE version is 11.0.9600.16476 and I have this… effect. No chance for fix this.

I have try this… an it is working perfectly on my system ( Win 7/64 and eMClient V.6. ).

Hi, thank you for posting this, but could I ask you to translate this to English and make it shorted (in step by step manner) for other users who do not speak German?

I am not talking about translating it all, all I mean is to created few words for every step if possible.