Mails occasionally don`t get delivered

Hello everybody!

Over the last ~six months I noticed that from time to time mails dont get delivered. The recipient simply doesnt get them. There is no error message, and they are not in their spam folder. But the mails appear as “sent” in emclient.

We use Strato to send and receive mails. I had a long telephone call with them today. And they checked everything. They told me our “mail adress” is set up correctly on their end. It shouldn`t get rejected because of spam or anything else, and if this would ever happen, we would get a notification.

So it looks like emclient might be causing this problem.

Is there anyone having similar problems?
Is there anything I can check?

If the message is in your Sent folder, then it has been sent.

After that it is up to your email provider to deliver it to the recipient’s server. If the message doesn’t arrive at the recipient’s mail server, you will get an email from your email provider telling you it couldn’t deliver the message, and give the reason why.

If you don’t, then it has been delivered.

You don’t need any logs, version info, licence info, or anything else?
After the provider checked everything and after some tests says, it`s not him - you immediately know it is the provider anyway?

After you click on Send, there is no more involvement from the email application. It is all up to your email provider.

You can ask them for logs to show they have delivered your message. If they have delivered it, then it is on the recipient’s server.