Mails not being downloaded using IMAP-

I have a very old account with hundreds of thousands of messages in some folders and tens of thousands in others. When I use eM Client, the number of messages fetched in these folders is less than the numbers actually on the server. I am evaluating eM Client for purchase. I am using IMAP4 for fetching the mails. eM Client version is 7.2.36908.0.

This may be because you are in conversation mode, so you have a conversation count and not a message count.

Disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations and see if the numbers match.

Thank you for your reply. The numbers count did not change even after I disabled conversations view. So this doesn’t seem to be the reason for the mismatch.

I did a ‘repair’ of each of the folders affected by going in to folder properties menu. This seems to work.