Mails missing in Inbox

My Inbox shows under my account (47/613) emails. But my second column only displays the 47 emails. How can I have access to the remaining emails, the 613?

Thank you.

Are you sorting the messages by unread?

If so, the remaining 566 will be displayed further down.

Thank you, Gary, for your quick response. But that’s not the solution.
My left column shows 2 inboxes for my 2 email accounts. Then Favorites with “All Inboxes”, “Unread” and “Flagged”. Then my main email account under which is the Inbox with now 85 of 684 total emails.
Again, I can see the 85 but not the total 684 emails.
I tried clicking the “Unread” but this shows me the unread emails from both accounts. I still cannot see the 599 missing emails.
Thanks for further help.