Mails in Sent Folder not received by intended recipients

Hi everyone,

I have been using eM Client for a couple of years now and have just upgraded to eM7.

Previously, I had been through them all: various versions of Outlook, Outlkook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat, Opera, and more…
Since I have started using eM, I have not looked back!

That is - until today…

The extent of the problem is described rather quickly:
On one of my accounts (total of 2), messages are not being sent anymore.

There are no errors. I have not changed anything (I know… one of the three lies of a software engineer…).
Messages are being copied to the ‘Sent Folder’ just like they are supposed to - only they never arrive at their destination (so it took me a while to even figure out that something was wrong).

I have successfully sent messages from the provider’s web interface, Thunderbird, and Opera with the exact same settings that are set up in eM!
A friend of mine is using eM to send and receive via the exact same account with the same settings without problems…
I have deleted the account and re-installed it in eM - same difference.

The other account continues to work without any issues.
The problem occurred before the update to eM7.

Any ideas?

Windows 10
eM Client 7.0.26687.0
2 IMAP accounts



That’s too bad…
Back to Thunderbird I go…

Hello Picker,
with the release of v7 we had an overwhelming feedback. We prioritized the support of our Pro users to ensure they get the service they paid for, so the forum received less interaction from our side than you might be used to.
We’re coming back now, though.

If you still wish to resolve this issue, please let me know the full number of your current eM Client version (Help>About) and what exactly happens when you try to send the message.
There must be SOMETHING in the error or log tab if the message is not send. What happens when you send a test message to yourself?