Mails divided by days / weeks as in the picture

Hello dear forum, please take a look at the screenshot, there the e-mails are subdivided, for example, with the subdivision “today”, “yesterday” etc. with a dash as a sign of agreement.

My e-mails are simply displayed in order by date, but there is no subdivision.

What do I have to do to get this view?

Many many thanks

Is this what you are looking for?

Hi sunriseal,

Thanks for your answer, but that’s not what I meant. Take a look at my attached screenshot, mail from 01/21/01/22/01/28 are all in the same order, not divided into “yesterday” or “older”

I guess I don’t understand what exactly you want… straight date order or divided by TODAY, YESTERDAY, etc

Oh sorry, english ist not my home language. i mean divided by today, yesterday etc.

i’m so sorry sunriseal

Then the settings image, I responded with, shows you how to do today, yesterday etc.

Ok, thanks a lot, I will set the setting and test it. I hope it’s what I was looking for. thank you very much :pray: