Mails couleurs

Hello I think that you badly understood my question. I shall like receiving e-mails of another color (as Outlook) e-mails not read e-mails.

Kind regards

Hi Joe,
I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. You can categorize your emails into color categories, which you can either do manually or by setting up a Rule in “Tools > Rules”. Here you can set up a rule that will color code your messages depending on sender, which email account it was sent to, key words in the message or any of the other available conditions.
If that doesn’t solve your problem please describe your issue with more details.

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Hello. Above you have the solution if I understood your problem

Hello, when I receive a message and when he(it) is read, I would want that he(it) appears in red color, as on Outlook.
Your solution is not the good one(maid) thank you

Hello I begin again.
The messages which one receive directly from the waiter(server), I would want that he(it) arrive on my box of reception in RED color.
And when we click above the color becomes normal as a read message
I very well understood rules(rulers) but me do not find the good rule(ruler) for my demand(request).

Thank you

Hi Joe,
unfortunately eM Client does not have this feature.