Mails cannot be downloaded from server.

My mails cannot be downloaded from the mail server to eM Client. It shows that pop3 fails to connect the server. I try to use diagnose and fix function but doesn’t work. What should I do?

Which email provider are you using?

It’s my corporate email. I’ve found that Outlook can download the mails but eM Client keep showing that the server not responding; though I can send a mail out without any problem.

You want to make sure you have the same settings in eM Client as you have in Outlook.

It just happens few hours ago. Quite strange as I us eM Client over a year without any problem. I didn’t change any setting and my IT guy said there’s nothing wrong about the server. I also restart my machine 2-3 times but still have no luck.

Did you install or update your AV software?  Try turning off your AV software and see if it connects.  If yes, you will need to create a rule in the AV software.  Did your IT department make any changes to their firewall?  Again, if yes, a rule may need to be created.

OK, seems like there was something wrong with the server as my coworkers have faced different problems. It’s ok now. Thanks guys!