Mails are signed as read too quick

I have eMClient with 2 mailaddresses. With one mailbox everything is going well. But in the box of the other one new mails are getting signed as unread (so not longer bold) in a few minutes. Or as I log in in the morning the new mails are already signed as read. What can I do?

Before you open eM Client in the morning, login to the web interface for this troublesome account, and see if the messages are already marked as read. If they are then the issue is most likely with your server.

Otherwise, check that you don’t have any Rules in eM Client that are marking messages as read.

I have checked this. In the webmail the unread mails are still bold, in eM Client not. If there is a new mail in eM client, within a few minutes it will become automatically marked as read.
There are no rules that messages mark as read directly. I tried all combinations of the two checkmarks, but nothing helped. Only when I switch out both checkmarks, the mail is staying bold. But of course also when I have read it. 

Messages are usually marked as red after a few seconds. That is the default setting and can be changed in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read.

One thing that may also affect this is if your phone or other device is also connected to the same account. That device may be marking the messages as read.

You said that there are no rules acting directly. Does that mean that there may be something? To test if rules are in anyway affecting the read status go to Menu > Tools > Rules, and uncheck every rule. See if that changes anything.

Is your account setup as IMAP? If it is, you can remove the account (Menu > Tools > Accounts) and then re-add it and see if that corrects the problem.

Remove and re-add did work. Thanks!

Good to know it worked for you.

While it may not solve an underlying problem, remove and re-add seems to be a reliable solution for many things. :wink: