Mails are not marked as read . IMAP

Hello iget every Day round about 10 Mails . i have t-online IMAP .On my Work i read the 10 mails with my handy but at home on my PC only 9 as read marked and the last mail are not marked .

This is ervery day so !!!v Why

Hi, when you mark as read that last message can you check after that if it is synchronized to your server?

Do you give enough time for synchronization after this change?


I just purchased and upgraded to eM Client 6 a few days ago, and I’m seeing this exact issue. I have an IMAP account setup that I also use on my iPhone. I read the e-mails on my iPhone, they are clearly marked as read (I’ve verified on another computer using another IMAP client, and if I actually quit and restart eM Client it even updates them as read). As for if they have had enough time, this is me leaving for work in the morning, reading my mails throughout the day, then coming home and finding them all as still marked unread. I never had this problem with eM Client 5.

So have I understood it right that when you mark then as read in eM Client they get synchronized to the server (and you can see them as read on the server) but in iPhone they are unread?


Exactly the opposite. When I mark them read on my iPhone when I’m at work, I come home to all the mails I read still marked unread (I leave for work at 6:30 in the morning, get home at 5:30, so there’s 11 hours of mail there, plenty of time for it to update). This started happening with eM Client 6 (never happened with 5). I only upgraded as I was sick of getting the error message from Google about syncing my contacts (I have several Gmail accounts and an IMAP account configured). This is only affecting the IMAP account.

I also note that if I close and re-open eM Client it updates properly, but pressing Send and Receive etc. does not cause them to get marked as read.