Mailclient.exe remains running after closing eMclient

When I close down eM Client, “mailclient.exe” remains running and the program cannot be re-opened. To open the program I have to go to the task manager and force close the “mailclient.exe” process then click on my desktop icon.


please run the tool available from… after the process went stack at the background. It should generate a log file (starting with “eM Client Stack” in your Documents folder) that will help us analyze the problem in more detail. Please send this file to . Thanks.

same problem here. just sent the log file.

Just sent my log file. Was this item solved?
I am using version 5.0 on Windows 7

We are working on it.

Just send in my logfile. version 5.0.17595.0 on WXP

I am experiencing the same problem, also with 5.0.17595.0 but on Windows 7. Should I also send the output from emstackdump?

Yes please.