MailClient.exe hangs forever, connected in background.

After running emClient, checking mail, and closing it, I see MailClient.exe hangs forever in the task manager. Using a packet sniffer I see it is connected to port 110 with constant traffic, and doing something for many hours, sometimes over night. It often uses about 100Mb of RAM. When trying to reboot my Windows 7, it often shows a message eM client is preventing Windows from rebooting.

There is no security software installed on this system.

I closted eM Client, and many hours later checked the task manager, it was still running in the background, here is part of the stack dump about 12 hours after closing eM Client with it still hanging in the backround:

MailClient 6.0.22344.0 [PID: 5608]
Description: eM Client
Company: eM Client, Inc.
CPU: 0%
CPU Time: 0:0:32
Physical Memory: 148856k
Virtual Memory: 501408k
Managed Heap: 58367k
Gen 0 Collections: 89
Gen 1 Collections: 23
Gen 2 Collections: 6
% Time in GC: 0.00%

Thread ID: 6952 [waiting]
Thread ID: 1720
Thread ID: 5780
Thread ID: 5880 [waiting]
Thread ID: 4120 [waiting]
Thread ID: 6664 [waiting]
Thread ID: 5456
Thread ID: 4268
Thread ID: 5832

Hello, can you please try to update your eM Client to this release, and check if the issue persists?


I tried the latest version.  Same issue, no changes.  More info: after changing to not use SSL for POP3 login, using a packet sniffer, I was able to see what is going on when it hangs: MailClient.exe is deleting many old mails apparently, is here an example packet sniff snippet on port 110:

DELE 140703

+OK Deleted.

When this activity happens, emClient can not run again until force close.  When MailClient.exe is terminated, this traffic on port 110 immediately stops, and when re-launching emClient, it must check the db for corruption a few minutes before loading.

Not really sure what you’re suggesting by this, the original topic included a part of crash report message thrown by your operating system, does this occur after the POP3 protocol uses the Delete option on your mail server? What you’ve included in your reply is a simple command to remove files from the Trash folder on exit, or on emptying your trash, if this causes the application to freeze or crash.

Can you please run this utility when the application is not responding or not opening after exit. In order to successfully create the dump it is necessary for the MailClient.exe process to be running in the Task Manager.


The original crash report was when I manually ran emstackdump.

MailClient.exe has been hanging in the background for a few hours now, and I ran emstackdump now:

MailClient 6.0.23330.0 [PID: 5932]

Description: eM Client Company: eM Client, Inc. CPU: 0% CPU Time: 0:0:21 Physical Memory: 142744k Virtual Memory: 493832k Managed Heap: 65204k Gen 0 Collections: 45 Gen 1 Collections: 18 Gen 2 Collections: 4 % Time in GC: 0.00% Thread ID: 4612 [waiting] Thread ID: 5476 Thread ID: 5164 Thread ID: 4484 [waiting] Thread ID: 4300 [waiting] Thread ID: 5276 [waiting] Thread ID: 5228 Thread ID: 6848 To clarify the issue: there are thousands of mails in the account on the mail server, and emClient seems to hang in the background until all the old mails are deleted according to the emClient settings about removing old mails after X days. If there are many emails that need to be deleted emClient will hang for hours or days until the mails are deleted. This issue did not happen with Thunderbird using the same POP3 account.

If this is copy pasted from the stack dump file created - please submit the whole content of the stack dump, or submit the stack dump attached to my work mail with a reference link to this forum topic. Unfortunately this excerpt does not include any helpful information that would point us in the right direction.


Stack dump sent to your email, but I dont see how it will help, I explained the problem already and solution.  All I need to do is un-check the box “Remove from server after X days” and it solves the issues with emClient.  For now until the issue is fixed, I can use emClient to check and send email, and continue using Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail with the setting to delete old mail after X days.  This way I can use emClient properly without it freezing, and just run Thunderbird to clean things up occasionally, but this is not the ideal solution.

Any updates?