MailClient.exe /dblocation and Theme Editor

So it appears that when I launch the emclient with the /dblocation paramater “MailClient.exe /dblocation” the themeeditor fails to apply any theme changes that are made. I can launch it but it doesnt let me apply it. I get an error “Error when connecting to a running client. Please make sure that the mail client is running.”

Should this be expected to work when the dblocation is something other than the default?

Win10 Pro x64 / eM Client v8.1.876



The recommended method is to launch the application with just MailClient.exe, and set the database location using eM Client’s settings in Menu > Settings > Storage.

I guess as it is not expected to run eM Client with the dblocation parameter, the results might be unexpected.

If you have a Pro License you could open a support ticket with eM Client.

That seems to have fixed it. The path in the GUI for the Storage Location was still the default. When I changed it to what I wanted to be it, the Theme Editor seems to work. I forgot about that part of the profile data.

Thanks for that!


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