Mail won't synchronise as often as it is supposed to!

Mail won’t synchronise as often as it is supposed to!

Hi Chris,

“Mail won’t synchronise as often as it is supposed to!” 

Meaning ? “Supposed to” is kind of vague - How often is your setting?

In the first place it’s my experience and that of pefunk that eM Client seems to ignore
the 2 synchronising settings.

  1. If you sync with Gmail - don’t set the time shorter than 10 min.

Quote: Step 2: Try these troubleshooting steps.
Make sure your mail app isn’t set to check for new email too frequently.
  If your mail app checks for new messages more than once every 10 minutes,
the app’s access to your account could be blocked
“Too many simultaneous connections” error

Source: Use IMAP to check Gmail on other email clients


That is very interesting, thanks. Mine is set to check every 5 minutes which I believe worked fine for some years until more recently. I find now that it will only check manually.

I have now set it to 10 minutes: will Gmail re-adjust correctly after a period?

Hi Chris

Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t know whether or not Gmail will re-adjust.
See if it keeps to the 10 min setting.

@pefunk  thinks that the sync settings are only relevant for POP,
since for him (as wel as for me) the sync settings are ignored

“I have concluded for myself - but I may be wrong - that all these “sync settings” are only relevant for POP3 accounts, since with IMAP and exchange accounts mails are always “pushed” to eM Client as soon as they arrive on the server”

see topics


Mail is only received manually.