Mail To: not available in columns

Maybe I’m missing something, being new to eM Client. I can’t find a way to display the To: email address in columns. Seems very basic. I have a dozen emails, I want to be able to see, especially in a combined Inbox, who the email was sent to.

Other than that, after some time with all the leading contenders, eM Client is shaping up to be a viable replacement for Outlook.

Any help will be appreciated, such as encouragement that requested features and/or general enhancements are accomplished on a regular basis.

@SkipHill Welcome to the Community Forum!

I checked the available columns and the To field does not seem to be available. I would suggest that you place that in the Requested Features section of the forum so it does it get seen by the people who need to see it.

I took have converted to eM Client from Outlook and it is an awesome replacement for Outlook.

Updates are done on fairly regular basis and they can be found here:

Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask the forum there are several of us out here that are more than willing to share our knowledge.

Hope this helps… :slight_smile: