mail to groups

I see my groups of contacts imported from Gmail, but if I like to send a mail to all members of a group I cannot select the entire group. Why??

By “group” do you mean a Category of contacts? If so, the following works:

  1. Click on the arrow on the right side of the “New” option to get a drop-down menu.

  2. Click on “Distribution List”

  3. Give the list a temporary name and remember the name

  4. Click on “Select Members”.

  5. On the “Select Contact” window, in the drop-down box labeled “Contact”, select the category that you wish to use.

  6. Check the top box to select all in that category (you can uncheck individual contacts if you wish it to be not included).

  7. Click OK

  8. Click “Save” on the “Distribution List” window (remember the name of the list).

  9. Open “New Mail” and click on “add cc and bcc”

  10. On the “bcc” line type in the name of the distribution list that you created in steps1-8.

I think this should accomplish what you want. Let me know if it helps.

Hi Ludwig,
using distribution lists, as Norman suggest above, is one of the possible solutions.
Another thing you can do is that when you compose a New email you click the ‘To’ section, which will open a window to Select contacts.
In this window you can find your group in the Contact section - your contacts will appear below it.
Click on one and hold CTRLand ‘A’ button. This will select all the people in this group.
Then just click Ok.


I’m sorry but clicking on the contact section give nothing but all contacts …
Under contact I’ve a category whose name is Bridge with 10 contacts … I d’ont see it when clicking on the supposed contact list (I’m french so I’ve to translate what I see in english … so perhaps some difficulties to understand what i’m talking of :
      when i Click on To in a new message I’ve a box with a filter and on right of the filter a zone probably Folder in english witjh inside “All contacts” (tous les contacts) and a small arrow on the right …
I was thinking that clicking on that arrow will give a list of groups … never … never it gave me just my Email …
Where is my mistake ??

just my 2cents:

did you check the settings?
there is an option to either show or hide “Groups” in Contacts…


Thanks for answer.
I checked it and it quoted so, normaly I should see groups when clicking on contacts.
I precise that groups have been imported from Google mail.