Mail stuck in Outbox

I have configured eM Client, the folders and email has been synchronized, however; when i try to send email, it remains in outbox and is not being sent. I have tried the ‘diagnostics’ through account option but still all the email remains in the outbox. Could you please help regarding this issue.

Send us your logs please: go to menu Tools->Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “SMTP” under the problematic account. Then restart eM Client,
try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you

Emailed the logs to the following email address:

Looking forward to having your valuable feedback.

I have the exact same problem.
This is happening with v 5.0.17944.0.
When I close down eMClient it is complaining something is in outbox and starts emailing. Also, after 5 minutes or so it starts.
By the way, my configuration says “Send Messages immediately” ticked ON.

  • Peter -

Same problem. Downloads and syncs all my emails from the webserver fine, but will not allow me to send emails (sit in Outbox, occasionally throw SMTP erors).

Did you send us your logs?