Mail signatures should be appended, not top posted.

Everyone likes different things. I switch to The Bat, because has possibility to detach attachment while receiving, is fast, has complex configuration (what I like), has nice filters settings etc. I trying lot of email clients before I made my choice, including Pegasus Mail, Sylpheed, Clawz Mail, eM Client, Thunderbird, Postbox, POCO Mail, Mail Forge and The Bat. I almost choose Pegasus, I was also thinking about paid eM Client, but after all I choose The Bat.

And I don’t care what do eM Client programmers thinks about bottom-posting. They promised to made option in version 6 and they lies.

Thanks Franciszek,

I have used The Bat! since version 1.4, many, many years ago. As far as I am concerned it is the best POP3 mail client around. Message sorting has no rivals as far as I am concerned.

Unfortunately IMAP support is not very good, especially if you live where I am in a remote location with a really bad 3G internet connection. That is why I moved onto emClient.

Last year I looked at The Bat! again. IMAP support is better, but still not as good as emClient, but now I have got used to CalDAV and CardDAV support, gmail contacts, etc, the things that emClient does very well, so I see no reason to go back. I did mail ritlabs and ask them about it, the say that CardDAV is on the to-do list, however no time estimate on when.


Is it safe to say that allowing the signature at the bottom of replies is still not implemented even in version 8 of emClient? I say this because I looked through the settings and I could not find where there is a setting to specify where the signature is placed.

Hi pcguy.

It is perfectly safe to say that. My workaround still works, i…e not applying signature to replies or forwards.

Yes I can see that will still work w version 8.x. Emclient would cost me here in Canada $75 ($185 for lifetime upgrades) for more than 2 email accounts. It seems that 10 years after it was first suggested this option still has not been implemented.

Debating on whether to stay with Thunderbird which has a large customer base and is fairly flexible via its extensions.