Mail Search Before/After using GMT date/time?

The Mail search appears to be applying my Before/After search date-time to the GMT from the mail headers instead off the NZ date-time that is displayed throughout eM Client.

By the way:
I’m in New Zealand, so my time zone offset is (UTC +12).
All my Windows (and other eM Client) times are correct.

Here’s a screen shot.
In order to get all mail for the 5th I need to filter midday 4th through to midday on the 5th.
The highlighted emails are outside the filter based on the displayed NZ Std Time time, but are included because the GMT time in the mail header is within the filter range.

We have made some changes that address this issue, and will be included in 8.3 when it is released.

You’re a legend.
Well done on the quick action.