Mail recipient

I want to thank EM Staff for adding this long time feature in Windows.  I am now able to point at a file or choose a collection of files, right click and Send To Mail Recipient.  This is relating to EM Client version 7.1.30794.0.   Thank you so much for this feature, it’s been a necessary part of my emailing for over 20 years.  Kudos!

Actually, this is a feature of Windows, not eM Client. :wink:

You are right about that and I should have remembered that Send To is a Windows Feature that works with most any email client. But still you jogged my memory and I appreciate it.

I think most people will need to edit the registry and make EM Client the default email program. I found that answer here, somewhere, in the forum.  I backed up the Key after making the change. But it would be nice if the instructions were pinned somewhere, with warnings of course.


Don’t know if it is a fault with Windows or eM Client, but when selecting eM Client as the default through Windows 10 defaults apps, eM Client is only given the association for mailto. Other things like eml. ics and MAPI are not changed from the previous setting. Applications like Outlook, will receive these associations using the same process.

A safe way to give any or all associations to eM Client is to do this in the default apps page in Windows settings. Scroll down to the end and select Set defaults by app. Then select eM Client and Choose defaults for this program. Choose Select All and then Save.