Mail Notification Sound Reverts to Default

Anyone else having an issue where eM Client will revert the mail notification sound for an account back to the default sound? I have an Exchange account that I changed the mail sound to a custom sound. It will work for a while and then I’ll notice the notification sound is back to the default sound. I’ll go back into Settings and find that it has reverted back to the default.

For further information, this account is the 5th and last account in the dropdown list when setting up the sounds for notifications.

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Well, it appears that it reverts whenever eM Client is closed and then re-opened. Also, I have re-arranged the priority of my accounts and that has no affect. The one account in question is a Microsoft Exchange account.

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Got a reply from eM Client Support acknowledging this is a bug and will hopefully be fixed in the next update.

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I am running the latest eM Version 7.1.30719.0 on Windows 7.

I have two accounts with a different wav. file for each one on mail notification and they have worked flawlessly until now. I have tried to change them yet eM still defaults back to the original ones. I have tried everything possible, but it just seems to have a mind of its own.