Mail not removed from server as expected (POP3)

I’d like to find out if others with POP3 accounts have experienced the problem described below. I’ve already talked with tech support about it (I have a paid license). The problem is not yet resolved. Before I talk further with tech support I’d like to find out if this is a common problem. If it isn’t, we have to learn what is the error on my own system.

The problem: I have eM Client set up 1) to leave mail on the server; 2) remove it from the server only when I empty the Trash folder; 3) never remove mail automatically after “x” days.

Deleting a message from Inbox and then emptying the trash does not always remove the message from the mail server.

It works when I simply delete the message from Inbox, then empty Trash. The deleted message(s) is/are removed from the server the next time I check for new mail.

It fails when I try to preserve a local copy and remove the original from Inbox. The procedure:

  1. Highlight the message in question and press Control+C.
  2. Click one of my other (user-created) mail folders to select it.
  3. Press Control+V to execute the copy — this always works as expected.
  4. Return to Inbox.
  5. Re-select the message in question.
  6. Press DEL to remove it from Inbox.
  7. Empty the Trash folder (and later check for new mail).

(I always use Control+C / Control+V because it’s less tiring than holding down the mouse button and dragging the message around within the window.)

In a fairly careful test with logging on, the log appeared to confirm that of four messages that should all have been removed from the server, two were not. They were the two that received the “copy” treatment before they were deleted.

If anyone Out There has also observed this kind of problem I would be grateful to hear from you. It would probably also help the tech support people if they knew the problem is being seen on more than one system.

Hello Mike,
I see that our support has already asked to arrange a TeamViewer session with you.
This would be the most helpful way for us to find out where the problem could be.


>I see that our support has already asked to arrange a TeamViewer session with you.
>This would be the most helpful way for us to find out where the problem could be."

Yes, they have. I was interested to find out if there are others with similar problems. It would be useful to know if it’s a common sort of problem or if it’s just happening on a very few systems (or on mine alone). I do plan eventually to follow up with Tech Support.

Hello Mike, I have just moved over my mail from Thunderbird. I like the modern feel to em Client but have exactly the same problem when deleting mail that has been copied to another folder (i do this as a way of archiving and keeping my mailbox under control).
I hope there is a fix or work around; sounds a basic requirement to me.
regards, Patrick

I certainly consider it a basic requirement. This feature worked in Eudora perfectly well and I even considered trying to figure out how to make Eudora work on this newer computer so that I could have the feature back.

A few months ago I had some email exchanges with tech support about this and sent a log that showed pretty clearly how certain mail was not being deleted (if it had first been copied to another mail folder). The suggestion I got was to let them sign onto my computer and observe the behavior. I have had some less-than-good experiences in the past with “remote control” support situations, so I’ve been dragging my feet about this.

If they can’t replicate it in their own offices, I don’t know how this is solved.

It was actually one of my requirements for an email program and before I bought the program I was assured that “copy, then remove from server” was an available feature. But it doesn’t _work_. At first I thought it was going to be a deal-breaker. There are enough other worthwhile features that I will live with the bug for now. Maybe they’ll be able to find it and fix it.

I feel the same, it seems a good solid program and would be a shame to go back to Thunderbird although this feature works ok in it.
So I’ll stick with it and maybe someone will understand the issue.

reply to Mike, until the problem is fixed, I have a ‘work around’.
Instead of ‘Copy To’ before you delete, I use ‘Save As’ and save to a folder on the c: drive; you can then delete the original in Em Client and it disappears from the mail server.
The files are saved as .eml and can be brought back into eM Client folders (if required) with a File/Import .
Not ideal but keeps the server neat and tidy,  regards Patrick

Thanks — that’s a good suggestion. I kind of dread having to replicate on disk the folder structure that’s within eM Client — so much manual work involved there. But if it’s the only workaround, maybe it’s all that can be done for now. That, or what I’ve been doing: using the POP3 account’s webmail interface to delete messages from the server manually. That’s irritating — yet more manual work…defeats the purpose, eh? — but so far at least there aren’t many that have to be removed and they’re easy enough to identify.

Do you happen to know: If you use File > Import > Import from folder with .eml files , what kind of folder structure (if any) does this create? Or are the files simply imported into Inbox of whichever account is active at the time you run the import routine?

(By the way, when I mentioned earlier about less-than-ideal experiences with remote-control tech support, I didn’t mean eM Client’s own tech support. So far I’ve only talked with them via email or their web site.)

hi Mike, I use this to clear out the junkmail etc. that comes down on my laptop.
1)I just delete and ‘empty trash’ , this clears the junk out of the server so when i connect to my mailbox on my phone or tablet, its all neat and tidy and don’t have so much junk to worry about.
2)I like to store locally Amazon, PayPal or Ebay emails (or info stuff) but don’t need to keep them on the server, so I use the ‘Save As’ / delete process as I outlined earlier.
It seems to work well; as the email can be saved to a specific folder, within a folder group. and the Import routine allows you to import emails to multiple folders within a folder group.(but you will have be careful about duplicating emails when you import)
So I think I can live with this until the program is fixed.
regards, Patrick