Mail not received

Mail that used to go into Junk folder no longer received at all.
The account is IMAP with

Where are they on your Webmail site?
What changes have you made to eM Client (settings, rules, version, etc) since they were last sighted in your Junk folder?
The more ‘clues’ the better…

I have made no changes and they are nowhere on Webmail site (
These e-mails were regularly received up to about 2 weeks ago and senders have been asked to send them again.

Do the ‘missing’ emails have anything in common, like same domain/sender?
What happens after “Senders” resend the emails?

They are generally circulars from companies freely subscribed to.
Still not received after they are re-sent.

I would suggest you take up the problem with Outlook support, first.

Other volunteers, in this forum, may have other thoughts as their time zones allow.

How do I get to Outlook support?

Having never used Outlook I would think there is some information on their WEB interface… I would check the HELP button, Settings button or perhaps a Feedback option. Google search may be another option.

I am sure other volunteers may have some suggestions as well when they join in.

Google it (or DuckDuckGo it):
How to get support for - Outlook (
Hope it helps.

This is the official Outlook user forum. Once logged into the forum, you can click “Ask a question” menu at the top. Results in - Microsoft Community