Mail licence up date massages

how can I stop messages about up grade to a new version? I have a licensed version 8 and I keep getting messages that I’m up grading it to 9 and it doesn’t work with this license

Have you considered that your license only applies to v8 and that you will need to purchase a license for v9?

I can see that in October and again in December some of your devices installed version 9.

Once you have installed version 9 on a device, you will always be offered upgrades for version 9, even if you go back to version 8. There is no way around that, sorry.

I didn’t install version 9. only version 8.16 and I immediately received a message that I can up date it to version 9 for which the same licenses do not apply. I don’t want version 9 or messages about it. Is there a way to stop these messages?

There is no way to stop that after you have installed version 9 on that device. ( I sent you the log privately) Even if you go back to version 8, you will always be offered updates again to version 9.

Dear Gary, i have a licence for 30 computers and oll of them as well as the first one, immedietly appears massages to up date to version 9, which I don’t want. If is possibile for massages to appears automaticlly it is certainly possible for them to stop, becaouse my users accidentaly activate the update and the new version works only for one month and it is not possible to return it to version 8. Is it possible to stop these massages for my licences?
Thanks in advance