Mail lables problem (I am not using gmail)

Hi guys,

  • I have created a new mail lable and called it ‘AAA’, colored red.
  • I right click on an email and I assign this AAA lable to it

Results: on the left panel appears an icon (as a paper lable with the small hole for the cord) named lables, and when I expand it, there is a red AAA.
At this point I expected to see inside of it my email which I previously labeled AAA but… there is nothing inside; totally empty!!

Can someone please help me and tell me why?

Thank you so much!

OK, so it looks like this:

After assigning the tag, it looks like this:

And the new tag folder should be here, with the message in it:

Can you tell me where your method differs?

Hi Gary and thank you so much for your reply.
As you can see from the 3 pics I attach you, the problem is that the AAA (Test, in my case) is empty.
To be clear, it happens as if on your third screenshot we would not see the email but just empty.

I have assigned the Tag using the right-click menu, but I have the same empty result using the plus button as in your example.

Yes, I see the message is in red, so the tag is assigned. I am not sure if there are issues in the 8.0 Mac version. Maybe someone with a Mac can reproduce the problem.

One thing you can do is make sure you are using the latest version 8.0 available for download in the Release History. I am sure the 8.1 version will be available soon, and there may be some difference.

Thank you Gary for your kind try.
I am running the 8.0.3494 (01b4e33)

There is a newer version. 8.0.3499, but the only difference may be the Yahoo! fix.

I see, I did not see it because the ‘check new update’ was reporting that I am using the last release. But now I will install the 8.0.3499.

Updated but, as you thought, nothing has changed.