Mail has disappeared from subfolders in both eM Client and Webmail

My client wanted her personal folder in her Office 365 work account moved to her Hotmail account.

We installed eM Client as we read that it could do this over AirSync. We added the two mailboxes to eM, then copied the personal folder from the Office 365 mailbox to the Hotmail mail. This worked. All mail in the personal subfolders could be seen in the Hotmail webmail client and Hotmail in eM.

My client then deleted the personal folder from the Office 365 mailbox.

My client could successfully access the personal emails in Hotmail mailbox from eM for two days. After two days she opened eM and received errors like the one below: An error occurred
[Airsync] Cannot create folder “” due to the following error(s): UnknownError (11). Will attempt to create folder on next synchronization.

The problem is she now has no emails under the Personal folders subfolders in either eM or the Hotmail webmail interface.

Help please?!?!?!? She had 7 years of data in those folders.

Hello, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer? Can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Does the error refer to a folder you’ve moved from the account on Exchange?

Are those folders available in your online interface of your Hotmail account or have you been able to see the folders available online before you’ve removed the folder from Exchange?


Hey Paul,

The eM Client is 6.0.22344.0.

Yeah, the error refers to the folder we moved which I believe was called Private but in the error it is called 41414D6B41444D355A6D4A6A4E446B for some reason.

The moved folders are not available in the Hotmail interface or in eM Client.

Yes, my client could see and access all the moved folders before she removed the original from Office 365. She is super paranoid so had my colleague double check.

Hello again, the error above is reporting that the folder could not been created on the remote server ( where you’ve tried to move your items into. Unfortunately this can occur during folder upload with as this server is essentially a limited version of the Exchange server.
But the move feature should not remove the items unless you’ve manually removed them - even by removing the Exchange account from eM Client, all items should be kept for local use if the application was unable to upload the folder to the server. However we believe the error must have been present immediately after the items started to upload to the server.


Thanks for replying again Paul.

So, my colleague screwed up on some of the details that actually happened. The copy was a drag and drop move from the Office 365 mailbox to the Hotmail one. The data moved across. There was actually no deletion afterwards. The errors then occurred a few days later and the folder was no longer in either the Hotmail web interface or in eM Client. Any ideas with this info?

I hate being the middle man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello, I’m afraid that if the folder is not visible in either the server nor eM Client this is more likely a server issue, if your colleague claims the folders have been available on the Hotmail server, but as I suggested earlier, this is probably not allowed on the Hotmail server, so I believe the folder was never available or visible from the Hotmail interface.


Thanks Paul!