mail Folder More (or Mer in Norwegian)

The Sent folder is within the closed folder More at the bottom after the other built-in folders Inbox, … etc. 
To get to the sent messages  and see them one has to open the More folder.

I have not found a configuration choice to get Sent on the list with Inbox etc.
In terms of space there is no reason Sent should be “hidden” within in a separate More folder.

Please advice how to get rid of the More folder so Sent is shown with the others.

(Note that the folders have norwegian names, i.e. Sendt (for Sent) and Mer (for More)).

Have you tried creating a “sent” folder within the account folders? Right click in the folder area of the account and select “create new”.

The More folder is used to hide folders you don’t want to regularly see. If you right-click on a folder and choose Hide, it will be moved to the More folder.

To return the Sent folder to it’s original location, right-click on the Sent folder and choose Show.

This was precisely what I needed to know. It worked. Thanks.