Mail filters and rules

Good day friends.
Now a testing your client. And so j happy, but i have questions about rulles and filtering.

  1. First of all, how j can set rule for outgoing massage to folder?
  2. Ruless not start automatik and when j use mail - gmail in android, in Em Clinet not work rules for massage what j read in gmail.


  1. What exactly do you want from that rule to do? Move mail after send into different folder?

  2. Rules work only in eM Client, it is our feature not Gmail’s and they also do not work for emails read on other devices, if email is received with marked as read status it is technically impossible to make sure it has not been processed by rule before so it is disabled for these emails.
    Otherwise it could cause deadloops


If I read the email on your phone, then on the client do not work my filter?

Move mail after send into different folder? Yes/

If you will read email on your phone and keep it as “read” then yes, rules will not work in eM Client, but if you will that email mark as “unread” in your cellphone before synchronization with eM Client then it should work.

Move mail after send into different folder can be done by this.

in Rule Wizard - apply custom rule on message I send - move to folder.

then click on blue “folder” in rule preview and select into which folder you want to move it.


So one more question.
How i can star all off my rulles?
Now j mas star one by one, can i select all and star?

Rules are started automatically on email receive, or you can right click on folder with emails and select “apply rule” and select “all rules” and Run.