Mail erneut vom ganzem Jahr herunterladen

Hallo, da ich mehrere Lizenzen habe funktioniert irgendwie der Mailempfang nicht richtig, gibt es eine Möglichkeit alle Mails zum Beispiel alle vom letzten Jahr erneut herunterzuladen? Danke lg klaus

You carn’t normally just specify in a mail client to “only download mail from a specific period”, and normally have to download the entire mailbox from the start to the end by removing & readding the acct which also avoids any duplicates. If after re-adding your problem accounts still is not showing emails correctly etc, then i would contact your mail box server support to look into the problem for you.

So if you use IMAP, Exchange or iCloud accounts then you would first just normally backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then once backed up, click “Menu / Accounts” and highlight the problem account or accounts on the left and then click “Remove” at the top. Then re-add the account or accounts via the automatic email wizard or manual option depending on what your server supports.

Danke, werde es mal löschen das Konto und dann neu machen, mal schauen ob es funktioniert! lg Klaus