Mail Disappearing when Accessed from other Client

I installed eM Client today, and everything went very smoothly. Emails began coming in and I thought all was well. However, when my wife tried to access the email account from her computer using Outlook, it pulled all of the emails in the Inbox from my computer. They are gone. Is this because I set it up as IMAP? Should I have done POP3 instead? It appears that my computer is now acting like the server. Is there a way to make sure a copy of all emails is kept on my computer?

Hi Tad,
IMAP is a mail protocol that synchronizes with the server. So what is present on server is what you will see in eM Client.
From what you describe it sounds like your wife has the account set up as POP in her computer. POP protocol download the messages locally and then deletes them from the server.
When you later try to access it with IMAP, you cannot see these messages because they have been removed from the server by your wife’s Outlook.
I suggest saving a copy of the messages/exporting them from your wife’s outlook, then set the mail accounts as IMAP in her Outlook as well. Now you will both synchronize to the server. Import the messages back in to upload them back to the server.


We plan on closing my wife’s POP account soon. It sounds like I would do better to just reconfigure my eM client to POP as well. Otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be a way to save a copy of messages since the server isn’t configured to do so. Or am I missing something?

Hello Tad,
IMAP is always better option when you access an account from more devices (while also keeping a copy of your message should anything happen to your computer).
If you configure your account as POP right now, only one of you will always access certain emails, as downloading them will remove them from the server.
If you accessed the messages before using eM Client, your server obviously does support the IMAP option.
It is completely your choice of course, I just suggest being careful with the messages that are only stored locally now and making copies so you don’t lose any important data.