Mail disappear from inbox

some of my mails disappear from my inbox … I can see them in “all messages” section but not in my inbox …
I use the last release of eM, I’ve no rules, my provider is gmail…
Thanks for help

They have either been moved to another folder, or the Inbox label has been removed from them.

I am a new user of emclient, and start to like it, but now I’m deeply concerned because suddenly one particular mail (important invoice!) is missing in my inbox, just as said in start of this thread. I know it’s there, as seen in my gmail directly, also on my Android using the excellent AquaMail, but when I search for it in emC it does not give a hit. Finally I found it by choosing the Allmail folder! I have not tweaked it as suggested above.

Every single email from your Gmail account exists in All Mail. Then depending on the label that Gmail assigns to it, it will appear in Inbox, Sent etc. I am not a Gmail user, but it appears that eM Client sometimes loses the label. To correct that, right-click on your All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair.

Thanks, the repair doesn’t help, but I now see that the same problem suddenly exists in the other mail readers as well! I am pretty sure I saw this particular mail in the normal inbox in AquaMail (Android) when it came two weeks ago, otherwise I would have missed it, and being an invoice I remembered it and now went back to look for it to pay it. WHen I first wrote in this post I saw it again in the normal inbox in AquaMail, but now both there and in Thunderbird, Win10 Email and een Gmail directly it’s only found if I go to the Important folder, as well as in em Client of course! So seems to be something strange with this particular email!

Unfortunately I can’t help further with the quirks of Gmail, as I don’t use that provider in any email client. However, I think if the problem is in other apps as well, that it might be an issue with your provider.

Hopefully other Gmail users might comment further on this thread.

I add a rule asking to place all arriving Email in the inbox … ans it seems to be ok  …
But really I don’t understand why it happens with eM Client, I never seens that with other email clients …