Mail Delite at shut down

I would like to thank everyone and also for the opportunity to be part of this family. I have been using Incredimail since was in the market at the beginning until now is not working properly anymore. Great mail program, I have not seen any other as was the design and be in the market, but after many considerations of many others program, I desire this is really closed to work as IM. I am missing the deleted items after I close the program and I want to know if any way to add that part of the program which will make the a difference. Please advise.

In eM Client, deleted emails go into the TRASH folder, is that what you are referring to?

If so there is an associated setting that if unchecked will leave the Trash items in the folder and if checked will delete them on exit.


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Thank you so much, I believe I went true setting and miss such option. I do thank you, again for your help.