"Mail Deleted" popup

PLEASE… in the new version, add the ability to NOT see the “Mail Deleted-Undo” popup. I HATE IT!! It is already a constant irritant. If I wanted to undelete I could just go to trash and drag it back to the inbox as I’ve always done. PLEASE provide the capability to not see this worthless, unwanted (by me) extra “feature”. This is colouring my entire view of the software…
Thank you


That only works with messages. Other items like events, tasks, notes and contacts do not end up in the Trash, so it has it’s uses if you are quick enough with the mouse. Maybe it is there for those who don’t know that Ctrl+Z does the same thing.

But I agree, even though it is only there for a second, it is a bit disturbing. Let’s at least have an option to disable it.

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Hi Gary, yes, I agree 100% - I personally only want the feature disabled for Mail deletions but there’s no reason why there can’t be differential settings for different sections of the software

Agreed! Why would I want to see the same message reminding me of the action I just took every time I take that action?!

Totally annoying. Give us an option to remove this annoying “feature.” We’re not idiots! We know when we delete a message!!

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