mail_data.dat is already 3.5 GB in size and eM Client takes therefore longer to start.
Archiving didn’t reduce the file-size.
Folder properties don’t indicate the size.
Are there any filters to look for large folders with such files? Right-clicking on them don’t show up the size.
I want to get the archives outside of the mailbox and not in the mail_data.dat so I can browse there only when I need it.
Best Practice Ideas?

mail_data.dat ist bereits 3,5 GB groß und eM Client braucht länger um zu starten. 
Die Archivierung hat die Datei nicht reduziert.
Ordnereigenschaften zeigen nicht die Größe an.
Gibt es Filter um nach großen Ordnern mit solchen Dateien zu suchen? Rechtsklick drauf zeigt ja die Größe nicht an.
Ich möchte die Archive raus aus dem Postfach haben um nur bei Bedarf da stöbern zu können.
Best Practice-Ideen?


as far as I know archiving just moves the e-mails into a different folder nothing more. That means same database is used.

OTH, as many already suggested before, archiving should be more customizable and result in a dedicated database.

Guess both wishes will never arrive anytime soon if at all :frowning:


Yes, unfortunately the archiving feature only allows you to clear space on your mail server, as most major or current mail services allow you to archive message online directly using remote Archive folders, this is a more efficient way how to archive your mails, as server also keep a safe copy of your archived data without forcing you to keep another backup locally.

We’re working on a couple of database structure improvements for the upcoming release of eM client 7, but I’m not sure if the changes will be completely up to what you’re suggesting, however account database should be separate per account, thus I believe archive folder would use it’s own data as well.


Paul, for those of us who are not techies, is there clear instructions on how to create those independent archives?  I have a large number of email accounts that altogether create a huge set of files that really slow the program down.  I’d like to figure out how to organize things to run more efficiently.

PS: mail.dat.dat = 13.4 GB

Thanks for the replies!
I’m waiting for the next release of eM Client. 
1.) As I had the archive-folders on server (, checking for the emails was slow (I was using Outlook). 
2.) does not have enough space for that.
The Backup is anyway making a copy of the archivied folders too. 
I have a lot of older mailfolders I don’t want to have on any server.  Those are partly quite big.