mail_data.dat file is 15GB in size

Hi. The mail_data.dat file is 15GB in size and I think that makes the program runs very slow. Is there any way to fix this topic? To split the file or something?

Hi Pablo, not completely sure what performance issues you have in mind, the application should be able to handle such database size and even larger portions of database data in a single file.

Are you having any issues while moving or synchronizing items?

You can run this utility, to let the application compress the database folder and remove unneeded temporary data, however the database size will be only slightly reduced.


Dear Paul

I have deleted one account yesterday but my mail_data file size did not reduce. I tried to use your above link to compress the database but the link is broken. Can you send me updated link for db file compression/rebuild tool asap.

Thanks a lot!

Waseem Khan

Hi Waseem,
the link itself isn’t broken, but this forum doesn’t recognize the “.exe” as part of the link.…

Copy the whole line above ^ (though this way it might work)

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