Mail count display for IMAP accounts does not work or if Account is compressed.

The mail count option in EmCLient leaves a lot to be desired and is very frustrating. Firstly, the mail count does not show in all the IMAP folders. It displays 3 dots (…) and the folder has to be clicked for the real count to show. See image. 
Secondly, when there is mail an inbox and the folder is compressed, the folder does not show a count. It has to be opened to see it. All these little things add up to me probably keeping Live Mail even though it is long in the tooth. 
PIcture 2 shows the Backup folder with no mail count. Yet picture 3 shows there is mail in the Inbox with a count showing. 
Any idea how to fix these issues? 

IMAP only syncs the Inbox in real-time and uses the three dots to indicate there are new messages in the sub-folder but they have not yet been synced.  The only way around that is to remove server-side filters and let eM Client handle that by Rule. Then  you will see the unread count on your sub-folders in real-time.

Yes, eM Client does not give a folder count when the folder tree is collapsed. Fortunately you can always see the unread count for all accounts and folders in the Smart Unread folder.

I seem to recall that there was a proposal for the combined count on the account home folder but it did not receive many votes.

THanks again Gary. But as I said in a different post that unread count in smart folders includes all IMAP emails even fo accounts that are hidden. EMclient has no option to exclude that. So my unread count has dozens of emails and also  shows the actual emails that I do not want to see!