Mail body loading very slowly and sometimes not at all

My system is win 8. I’m on a permanent 2.8megabit connection. I’m syncing with 2 gmail accounts. v5.0.19406.0

My mail headers always download fast. Sometimes the email body downloads fast. Often I have to wait up to 30 seconds for a short email body to download and sometimes I get a message informing me that the email can’t download at all because I’m “offline”. Only frantic clicking on send and receive, other emails and a short prayer can get the message body to display.

The win8 Metro Mail app on my PC does not have this problem and displays all my email near-instantly.

I really like eM and would like to purchase several Pro licenses for my business but this issue makes it close to unusable.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • Jason Stark

Just installed the beta of v6. Same problem occurs.


this could be server side issue, servers usually does not send data at user’s full connection speed.

Anyway please tell me your email service provider and in Tools - Accounts - Your Account - IMAP tab, turn on “Download messages for offline use”


PS: those 2.8 are MBit or MB?

2.8 megabit
Turning on “Download messages for offline use” doesn’t help
I’m using Gmail.

I doubt it’s a server-side issue. When eM is having trouble downloading a message I can quickly load the default win8 metro mail client and read the email instantly.

Latest version (6.0.19681.0) fixes this issue! eM now works beautifully with Google apps.

Thank-you very much.

you are welcome :slight_smile: