"mail" association in Windows from some other programs do not work with eMClient

Some programs such as Windows’ “Snipping Tool” when you use “email” or “send to” feature in the program and they are supposed to open a new mail message and add an attachment to the new email, does not work. Please fix this.

If the programs use standard mailto: command eM Client should work without any problems. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee it will work.


We have a customer who reported the same issue. We had a look and found that ‘Send as attachment’ worked as did CTRL+C and pasting into a new email or reply worked perfectly.

However snipping and choosing ‘Send to’ fails with either the dreaded missing image ‘X’ or an error saying that the %temp% file is missing… When Outlook is used it’s fine.

Just thought you’d like to know.


thank you for your additional informations :slight_smile: