Mail Alias: Sender Name

It’s great that eM Client supports mail alias. However, I was not sure how to send the senders name.

For example I have a mailbox with two alias mails like
Full Name <>
Nickname <nickname@mail.adress>

So I can set Full Name < my proper mailbox adress, and I can set nickname@mail.adress as alias. The mail client also recognizes when a mail was sent to my alias and will use the correct alias as sender when I hit the reply button.

Only problem: The mail will just have the mail-adress in the From-field, but no name. I also tried to set the alias with full brackets, like Nickname <nickname@mail.adress> - but this doesn’t seem to work at all then.

So is there a way I can set a sender name together with the alias mail adress?

This has been requested many times, but eM client just does not do it (yet?). I too am a great supporter of this being addressed in an upcoming release.

We’re working on this feature to future release of eM Client, unfortunately it is not possible to setup a different display name for alias, the current settings of eM Client only use the email address as the display name.

The feature should however be available in eM client 7.

Hope this helps,