Made account for aol mail. Does not ask forl password

I screwed up and made a new account for AOL mail when I had AOL mail opened in another window. eMClient set up the account and did not ask for the password for AOL mail. Now eMClient does not download or find new emails from AOL because AOL mail requires a password. I closed my AOL mail application Deleted my AOL mail account in eMClient and recreated it. It still did not ask for the password and therefore can not get new mail from AOL mail. 1) How to add the password to your account when there is no place to add the password 2) How to delete the account without some residual that does not bypass the password when I recreate the account

If you want to manually add a IMAP or POP account (that is not a new OAuth token passwordless type account), then when you go to accounts, click “Add Account / Mail / Other” and don’t use the automatic email wizard at the top.