MacOS 13 Ventura - Close window leads to "eM Client no longer responds"

When you close the main window of eM Client, there is often an error message afterwards that the program is no longer responding and is terminated due to an error.

However, this does not happen regularly. I could not find an exact connection.
Also, Safari is not always brought to the foreground when you click on a link in an email. This also does not happen regularly.

Does anyone else have such problems?

From what Iā€™ve heard on the forum Mac OS Ventura will be supported in the next eM Client update V9.2, so need to stick to V9.1.x for now.

Keep an eye out for the next update on the Mac version history page.

We have already addressed this issue, and a fix for it will be included in the next release; 9.2

Not sure of the exact release date, but it wonā€™t be long now.

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me too this updated yesterday, keep crashed em client. Let wait new version em client for macOS Ventura :slight_smile:

v9.2 with the fix has been released: