Mac os monterey Beta

em Client not starting on mac os monterey beta, why is there no em Client beta?

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Apple Mac Monterey “is only just in public Beta itself” as of July 2nd. Way too early for any Beta yet for eM Client to have a Beta yet as Monterey will be still buggy and not stable.

Just because you are not using a beta operating system does not mean that we should not. Enough time has passed to make your own alpha version of emclient.
This is why they are called alpha and beta: because they contain bugs. This is not news.
In any case there are people who like to test new versions of programs and for everyone else the stable versions are released.
I have same question where is alfa / beta version?

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You are welcome to test beta versions of your OS, but it may not support applications that you have used on the official release of the OS. That is the risk with installing unfinished software.

Please wait for the OS to be officially released, and then see if eM Client runs as expected.

way too early? all other apps work on Monterey only eM Client does not …


Surely you must be developing a Monterey version! Why not share it?

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Is there a emClient version that works with Monterey yet?