MAC OS: Cannot access default database because of folder permuissions

MAC OS eMClient installed. Open eMClient application and get the message “The application cannot access the default database ‘/Users/cftk/Library/Application Support/eM Client’ because of folder permissions.”  So eMClient does not load and the only way to remove the message from the screen is to click on Force Quit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the setup package several times after having removed every vestige of eMClient from the laptop but the same message always appears. How do I get eMClient to run on the MAC?

Not a Mac user, but maybe there is something that will be the same. If you rename that folder using your file manager, when eM Client restarts it should recreate the folder. See if that makes any difference.

It is a good thought but I have actually deleted the folder. Normally a reinstall would just recreate the folder but somehow it does not. As the client will not open, I cannot change the settings or the target folder from within the program either. 

Actually, the reinstall does not create the folder. If it does not exist, it is created only when the application opens. So the application won’t open, it cannot create the folder.

On Windows it is possible to change the location in the registry, but I don’t know about doing that on the Mac. All I can suggest is that you check that you have full permissions on that folder, and that you are not opening the application as root.

All the folders are read & write. No issue there despite the message. Hope someone at eM Client will step in with their piece of wisdom after the weekend …  Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my cry for help!