MAC Client CalDav and CardDav not working

MAC Client Version: 7.2.35128.0
Server Addresses used(CalDav and CardDav):

Errors Tab: No Errors ( Reported errors if login did not complete properly)
Log Tab:

/addressbooks/users//addressbook/042b2dce-967a-4c08-b664-f00129b4c7a6.vcf failed due to the following error: BadRequest

/calendars/users//calendar/3d2b7897-66c5-4e51-8f57-f7ac3018478b.ics failed due to the following error: BadRequest

Items log as downloaded after the error

subsequent logs: no errors reported(Item is downloaded so does not repeat)

New adds to contacts or Calendar cause additional bad requests

Tested using Windows10 EM client 7.2.35128.0 with the same setup as MAC

Windows 10 EM Client syncs to MAC native Calendar and Contacts without issue