Ltest emClient version won't install because, it says, there is already a newer version installed

The error message is obviously wrong because I’m trying to install the latest version. (8.0.3385.0) My current version is flaking out and now won’t open at all. Usually reinstalling is a handy fix, but in this case, the installer is balking for a bogus reason. What to do?

If you get this message, it means two things: You have not uninstalled eM Client, and the installation file you have is for an older version of eM Client.

To uninstall eM Client, right click on the application icon (in your Start Menu or on your Desktop) and choose uninstall. Make sure that you do not delete the database directory when asked, otherwise your data and settings will not be there after the new install.

Download and install the latest version from the Release History.

Hi, Gary…
I’ve trying the method you described, and it doesn’t help. When I launch the new version, I’m told the database has been changed by a new version. There is no version newer than the one I’m trying to install.

Delete any installation file you have on your computer, then download and install the latest version again from the Release History.

I’ll give it a try and let you know what happens.