Love eM Client but too many problems in new version

I’m new to eM Client, in fact I downloaded it just over a week ago and LOVED it! This morning I was asked to give permission for an update, which I did. But I ended up having to install a totally new version!
There are things I don’t like in this new version that I can’t find a way to fix in the settings:

  • Each folder opens at the bottom, showing my older messages and I have to scroll up each time to see what’s new.
  • When I open an email, if it’s a conversation, I don’t always get to see the most recent contribution to the conversation at the top and have to look for it. Sometimes it shows me what I wrote first and not the reply.
  • The name of the person who wrote the most recent item in the thread is not always shown, sometimes it show the name of a person on CC or who started the thread, which is confusing and misleading.
  • all my messages are marked as important (I may have fixed this one)
    These are all pretty annoying and it’s a shame because I found the version I installed last week just brilliant.
    Can you help?

Version 7 is not ready for daily use.

Do you know how I can revert to the previous version?

Hello Solen,
you can disable the conversation view in Menu>View>Conversations.
The incorrect order can be changed by clicking the Newest/Oldest option above the message list (which I believe also changes the order of messages in Conversations as well).


The incorrect order does not appear to be affected by the order of the message list. I have messages set to appear with Newest at top, but conversation threads display Oldest at top. Win 10, eM Client 7.0.26432

Thanks Olivia, great!That seems to have fixed the first three problems I had. The only thing now is that my messages are all being marked as important with a yellow rectangle and this is pretty irritating. Any advice? Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I apologize, seems like I got it wrong, the Conversations are meant to be from Oldest to Newest, so they can be read from the beginning.
Read messages should be collapsed when you get a new one or can be collapsed manually by clicking the header.


Hello Solen,
glad to hear most of the issues has been fixed :slight_smile: As for the Important label, I’m afraid that gmail just marks all messages sent through IMAP as Important.
This can be fixed by disabling the Important label in IMAP stream.
Go to the Gmail web interface and go to Settings>Labels and choose to HIDE the Important label.


But it is already set to Hide in my settings - I already checked this and just double-checked. There must be something else?

Hello Solen,
it is not enough to hide the label, you need to disable it in IMAP stream.
Go to Gmail Settings and in the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab make sure you have IMAP enabled.
In Labels tab uncheck the option to show Importnat in IMAP, like so:


IMAP is already enabled and the Show in IMAP already unticked. So that’s not it. …

Additionally try this in Gmail webmail as a workaround that works for me:

From Google forums: There is a trick that you can use to ensure the “Important” label is not applied to any messages: Create a filter that searches on “From:@” and set the action as “Never mark Important.”

This seemingly does not apply to old conversations though, so if a mail appears that belongs to a conversation already marked important, the conversation still shows as important even though the latest message was not newly marked important.

Great, that seems to have fixed it! All set. Thanks so much Andreas!