Lost the use of my aliases

My aliases - I have several, show correctly in my Account. However since this update for v9, they do not display when I create a new email. Therefor, I cannot use them for outgoing mail.

Aliases are now a subsection of the account you created them in.

So you will see an arrow next to each account that has aliases, and find them in there.

Thanks. Can you be a little bit more explicit?

Under “Accounts”, - I have 2 set up. With the account that I do have Aliases, I can see all of the Aliases that I have set up. But when I try to change the From field (used to be a drop down), it no longer shows my Alias List to choose from.

I need a little more step by step process. I’m not that tech savvy.

Thank you for your help - it’s appreciated.

Okay - so it looks like I had to check off the box that says “Catch All Aliases” in order to see them. Guess that’s a new one.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Apologies, I thought you were asking about something else.