Lost six months of local eM folder data

Hi all. Here’s situation as best I can explain. When I started my windows 7 laptop today, it went into a diagnostic mode that said it was “confirming the C drive.” I saw things like “deleting orphan files” and “verifying indexes” on the screen. When this process was done and laptop booted up, I tried to open eM, and it failed. Saw some kind of error message that mentioned mail_data.localmailcontacts

I did a restore, and have my Inbox and Sent folders. But my local folders went all the way back to 1/1/2015. I’ve lost a lot of data. No, I didn’t have Backup enabled in Settings, but I do now.

I think I know the answer, but any way to get those folder emails back?

You could try one of the “undelete” utility apps, but typically they can not assign a file name to the reclaimed files, so you have to manually sift through the results to see what’s what. Unless you also did a drive “wipe” the files should still be there. Google “undelete files” and you’ll find many apps available.

Was this a process that wiped stuff out a native diag app that came with the laptop or part of an “all in one” PC security suite like Norton that you installed?

Sounds like you ran a registry cleaner. They often have serious unintended consequences and are ill advised. If this is the case, disable this function. These apps are touted as a way to speed up your computer but seldom produce measurable results except in very old and seriously neglected PCs.

Hi Chris,

It looks that your hard disk was/is in a bad situation … how old is your hard disk? Maybe you should replace it soon?

Hi Chris, unfortunately if you’ve restored your data from an existing data, it will no longer be possible to restore the original data from your current database, however if you have a backup of the corrupt database, try to run this utility while having the corrupt database setup as main for eM Client.

http://www.emclient.com/tools/dbrepairrebuildall.exe , however it is possible a hard drive issue may have caused a database corruption disabling the option to restore the database data, in that case please refer to other users tips as there is no other option on how to restore a corrupt database.

Hope this helps,