Lost my contacts

Help! just did the upgrade to Version 7 and everything disappeared. I manually synced my embarqmail account and recovered my e-mails, but I have lost every one of my contacts. sadly, I thought this was a routine update and did not back up my info. I just assumed that all my info would follow into the update. What can I do? After reading another blog, I uninstalled V7 and re-installed V6 which didn’t bring back all my contacts, but not all. Couldn’t link my e-mail to V6 so I backed up the contacts, then loaded V7. Now I can’t restore the contacts I backed up.

Try this:  Menu>File>Import…>Import from eM Client 6.

Tried, but it said that the files were created with a version that was too old. I have been using emClient since 2010, and doing all updates as they came. I finally uninstalled V7 AGAIN and re-installed V6. I was finally able to link my server to get my e-mails. When V6 re-installed, it didn’t pick up all of my contacts. Now I am trying to figure out which contacts were lost and re-creating those. I think I am done with updates.

Hello Tom,
issues with the Contacts were probably cause during the migration of the database, since eM Client 7 has a new database structure (Upgrades are not the same thing as Updates).
Migrating the database or importing using the Menu>File>Import…>Import from eM Client 6 option resolves the issue in most cases.
If you could tell us what Contacts were affected it would greatly help us in improving the software - were these local contacts? Recipients history? A certain Accounts’ contacts?


Hi Olivia,

I did try importing my files from emClient 6 both times I did the update/upgrade. It imported maybe 12 (out of 60) and gave me a message that said the files were created with an outdated version. The files it did import were really old entries, some of which I had deleted - very confusing. I have re-installed Version 6 and re-entered the contacts it didn’t pick up on the re-install. I am not going to try again. If I get forced out of Version 6, I will just use my provider’s service.