lost messages

I had to run a Restore of Emclient recently and lost nineteen days’ messages (from the Restore Point to when I ran the Restore).  Can I retrieve them? - especially the Sent messages. 

The Restore function replaces the complete database, so you end up with a snapshot of how the database was when you made the backup. Unless you have a more recent backup, then the only place the messages might still exist is on the server.

I guess you are using POP3. Some email providers store sent messages on the server, so they might be there. If you can view them in the web interface for that account, then one possibility is to connect to the same account using IMAP. You can setup the same email account twice in eM Client, once as POP3 and once as IMAP. That way you will be able to copy the sent items from the IMAP account folders to the POP3 folders. Afterwards delete the IMAP account, but be careful not to delete the POP3 account, because that will delete the messages.

Thanks Gary.  The messages didn’t appear on the webmail but I’ll ask the provider if they can be retrieved - I guess that’s all I can do but please let me know if there might be another way.